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About Us

Twin Oaks Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company that manufactures all of our products at our shop in San Jose, CA.


We specialize in the fabrication of dog kennels, horse shelters, round pens and livestock panels. We also customize any of our products to your specifications.

Twin Oaks Manufacturing has been around for over 20 years. When Ed Meyer retired in 2018 we bought the company to be able to provide the same quality products to our customers throughout the Bay Area.


Dog Kennels

We carry some standard size

kennels in stock. 


Shown in photo: 

6' wide x 12' long x 6' tall with a roof.

Made with standard 11 gauge chainlink.

Dog Kennels

Need to separate your dogs? We offer a perfect solution.


Our fight guards are a 6' tall panel made with 18 gauge sheet metal measuring up to 4' with an additional 2' of chain link. 

Fight Guard

Please contact us for pricing on

any kennel size or chain link size you need. 

Custom Orders


We offer heavy duty 9 gauge chainlink for our customers who have protection / guard dogs. We work with different city purchasing departments to ensure smooth transactions for our K-9 officers. 

Protection / Guard Dogs

We offer screen covers that attach to the outside of the kennel panel for additional weather protection for your dog. We also offer a food station turntable that can be added to your kennel panel for easy and secure access.


Have an escape artist? Do you need a secure kennel for a dog coming sooner than you thought? Please contact us and we will do everything we can to meet your schedule.

Rush Service Available


Horse Products

We offer a 3-side shelter made 12' wide 12' long. They are 8' 4" tall and made with 1 5/8 steel tubing and 3/4" plywood. We use 20 gauge ribbed steel for roofing.  

3 Sided Shelter

We offer 40', 50' and 60' diameter Round Pens. They are 5' high 4 rail and they are 8' long sections. Shown in photo is our 8' wide gates. We also offer 12' sections, 5 rail.

Round Pen

We offer 12' x 12' 4-sided stalls for your horses. They are 8' 4" tall and made with 1 5/8 steel tubing and 3/4" plywood. We use 20 gauge ribbed steel for roofing.  

4 Sided Stall

Our lightweight travel horse panels are made with 1" steel tubing. They are 3 rail 4'6" tall and 4' wide. 

Travel Panels

These plywood panels are made with 1 5/8" steel tubing and 3/4" ACX unpainted plywood. They are 8' long and 6' tall.

Plywood Panels

Please contact us for pricing on any special orders you have. We carry large amounts of materials in stock to be able to give you a quick turn around.

Custom Orders



We offer a sturdy reinforced hog pen panel made with 1 5/8" steel tubing and 4" x 4" square 4 gauge galvanized feedlot panels. They are 8' long x 52" tall. These are good for ornery rams escaping pigs. 

Reinforced Hog Pen Panels

We offer easy to assemble and portable livestock panels. They are 8' long and 52" tall. They are made with 1 5/8" steel tubing and 4" x 4" square 4 gauge feedlot panels. The gate is 4' wide. These panels are great for temporary livestock pens. 

Portable Livestock Panels

Our Chicken runs are made with 1" chain link. They are great for keeping predators away and leaving your chickens to lay eggs in peace.  

Chicken Run


For urgent requests, please call 408.607.5068

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Project Manager

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Project Manager



Corporate Office

1177 North 15th Street 

San Jose, CA 95112

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